Best CSGO Betting Sites For Wagerers

CSGO betting is extremely popular these days considering this game is one of the most popular. People are even betting skins for CSGO, not to mention there are a lot of options to bet real money. CSGO betting is one of the best ways to get additional profit for wagering on teams that might win the match.


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Nearly all CSGO betting sites are those traditional sports websites where most of the time people bet on traditional sports. You might check and see whether any traditional bookmaker is offering markets for CSGO, and be sure you will find the section. The game is one of the most popular games which means there are a lot of tournaments and matches happening. There are tons of leagues with different players playing against each other in order to win amazing rewards.

CSGO betting sites

So because of this popularity of CSGO, the game is always included to the list of eSports of any bookmaker. For instance, if you want to make a bet on a game which is less known, you will have to find a bookmaker which is targeted on the eSports audience. And even if you find such a bookmaker, there is no guarantee that you will find the game on the list. But it’s not the case with CSGO betting since it is included to the list all the time.

But even though you might just google a request to find the very first bookmaker website from the results, it doesn’t mean you will open a good website. Picking CSGO betting site is important. Some sites give better odds, but they are surprisingly good, especially compared to other known websites giving other numbers. In such a case it might be a fraud and you will lose money instead of winning.

So learn what CSGO betting sites are better before you start wagering. They must be licensed, with good collection of matches, with bonuses, etc. You might also learn more about different ways to bet on CSGO. For example, some CSGO betting websites allow you to wager skins for weapons in the game.

What Is CSGO Betting?

CSGO betting enthusiasts know it’s Counter Strike: Global Offense. The company is running the game has released several editions of this highly popular game and it’s also one of the reasons why people are still playing the game. Because of the popularity of CSGO, the game is one of the most preferred options when it comes to betting. It’s the reason why even the traditional sports bookmakers want to offer CSGO markets to bet on.

You should easily find the most reliable CSGO betting sites to place some wagers on different teams from different leagues. But it’s not the only option available to gamblers. You should also place skins as wagers. Simple betting when you create an account, attach your credit card and place a bet is a traditional and well-known to everyone process. But what about skin betting?

Everyone knows that skins in CSGO don’t give you any buffs or bonuses, so it won’t anyhow impact your gaming experience or results of the match. But skins add prestige to a player using them. You might customize your weapons (but not knives) and you will be recognized. Some rare items are so expensive that they can go up to 2000 dollars in price. So it turns out that a skin is like a currency. Instead of money, you place skins. You need a Steam account for that and a collection of skins, but this type of CSGO betting is pretty popular.

Not all CSGO betting sites allow to bet skins, but even some popular traditional bookmakers offer this possibility. As for traditional betting when you wager money on a gaming match, it’s even easier to find CSGO bet sites since most bookmakers that have an eSports section offer CSGO betting markets. Learn more about such websites where you can make different types of bets.

A List Of CSGO Betting Sites

You can choose from any of these betting websites CSGO mentioned below. These online bookmakers are reliable, with licenses and you can be sure that you won’t be scammed. It’s also good to know since some of the betting sites online offer casinos, and none of the games are rigged. You can have fun while using these bookmaker sites without worrying.


This bookmaker is known among bettors who prefer traditional sports betting. The website is a reliable bookmaker offering great advantages to the players and gamblers. In fact, Pinnacle is one of those traditional sports betting websites that offers skins betting. CSGO betting is available and Pinnacle offers lots of leagues to choose from.

The eSports section is completely different from all other sections on Pinnacle. The design is different, resembles a video game. It is more convenient than other sections since you can even choose the display of odds not in settings, but right on the page where you choose the team to bet on. Even though the website was launched as a site for wagering on football, basketball, golf, etc., Pinnacle offers amazing options for eSports enthusiasts.

CGGO betting

Overall, Pinnacle is surprisingly useful for all type of gamblers – traditional sports enthusiasts, those who love spending on computer games, and those who appreciate casino games. It has different payment ways so you can choose the most convenient one for you and the country you live in.


This website is fairly new in the gambling industry, but it already has a reputable name and it is known among eSports enthusiasts. Pinnacle is targeted at wagerers who prefer eSports to wagering on politics, contests, horse racing, football, etc. CSGO betting is available in the CSGO section. You can choose from lots of matches, tournaments and leagues. Some leagues presented on Rivalry are even categorized depending on the country.

It is easy to use Rivalry, and betting won’t be difficult too. Especially if you check out their Academy. This section offers information to recreational gamblers and to professionals. It has several levels of difficulties, depending on the level of skills of the wagerer. You can choose an amateur level, or if you are a professional gambler, you can open their section for professionals. They find and publish useful information for every gambler.

The only disadvantage is that they currently have only one type of bonus – welcoming bonus. Even though it will double your deposit, the owners of the site might have thought about existing gamblers. On the other hand, bonuses are not that important.

This website is one of those CSGO betting sites legit that you can use without worrying. It is targeted at wagerers and gamblers who have their favorite computer games and teams and they want to bet on them. It has a small section where you can place wagers on politics and some sports like football, baseball, etc., but overall, it is an eSports bookmaker. is a fairly new bookmaker although it has already gaine a reliable reputation.

It has a nice design, it’s easy to use the website. Immediately after visiting the home page of the site, you will notice that offers a lot of bonuses for gamblers on eSports. The CSGO betting section can be reached by clicking on the eSports category. The website is trying to cover all the matches and tournaments, so as a result, you will find a lot of CSGO betting markets. Placing wagers is as easy as to purchase anything on the Internet. And there are lots of payment options for your convenience.

This bookmaker is focused only on eSports. But surprisingly, they have a football section. Instead of offering several traditional sports, has decided to offer only football. It’s a peculiarity of, but the good news is that the site offers a lot of eSports to bet on. is new into the industry, at least the site, not the company that owns the website. But it is a quality bookmaker online even though it is new.

The design might seem too bright, but most people get used to it really quickly, especially considering that it is easy to navigate the website. You can check the sports available on the left side of the screen. Normally, CSGO is at the beginning of the list. The site is trying to publish all the markets immediately after the matches have been set up. It is easy to use and overall, the bookmaker online offers a lot of options for all the gamblers.


Betway is one of those CSGO betting websites that are mostly targeted at traditional betting, like hound and horse racing, football, baseball, politics, TV, various contests, etc. But if has an eSports section since eSports and betting on them are highly popular these days. Betway is one of the most recognized bookmakers, it has a good reputation and users claim that it is trustworthy. Betway might not have as rich eSports section as Pinnacle, but it definitely offers betting on CSGO.

Betway has a casino section where you can spin some most popular slots, play card games and even enjoy real dealer games online. It also has Bingo and some games, so you can enjoy spending time on the website. But if you want to make a bet on CSGO, you have to check out the eSports section. CSGO will be the first option to bet on. Betway is trying to offer all most important matches so you can make a bet on time. Plus, the site even offers to make skin bets on some of the matches. has lots of traditional sports to make bets on, but it seems that the site is focused on eSports betting. It offers great bonuses, discounts and some rewards for online gamblers. It is easy to navigate the site since all you have to do is to choose a needed section on the upper side of the website. You can also choose to play games or read the news related to eSports. The website offers you different options – you can place wagers before the match goes live, you can see matches live, or learn the results of previous matches.

betting websites CSGO has a great CSGO betting section. It shows a ton of different matches, the site is placing markets regularly and on time so you can gather information about different teams, learn the odds and decide who to bet on. It has different payment methods for players. The most popular payment options are included, except for making bets by using bitcoins or other types of cryptocurrencies.


This is a platform specifically created for users of CSGO. It is mostly used by gamers who love to play the game and to gamble. This is half trading platform, half betting site. The peculiarity of this site is that you can buy skins on the platform with the help of your Steam account, and you can use them as a currency to make bets.

The website mostly offers gambling when you are using skins instead of money. Even though it is mostly appreciated by players of CSGO, some eSports enthusiasts create accounts on the site to buy skins and place them as wagers. Overall, the website has a pleasant design and it is easy to figure out how to use it to your own benefit. It is not is not one of those random cheap CSGO betting sites, it is a platform with a reputable name.

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