Many gamblers and esports gaming enthusiasts have so much love for CSGO, which means Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The game, which Valve Corporation created, has become one of the most popular esports games. Due to its popularity, many esports gambling sites incorporated CSGO into their platforms.


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Now there are CSGO virtual and reality games punters can stake on. There are also CSGO casino games like roulette, cards, case opening, etc. There is also Upgrade, which is the focus of this article. Find out more about this increasingly popular version of CSGO and the best sites where you can play it.

What Is CSGO Upgrade?

In the world of CSGO gambling, punters can wager using real money or virtual items, or CSGO skins. In CSGO skin gambling, rather than staking with real money, players wager with items. If their wagers are successful, they win more valuable skins, which they can either trade for new skins or convert to cash.

CSGO skins are cosmetic and have no bearing on gameplay. However, they are valuable and worth from a few cents to hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on their rarity and demand. Players can upgrade their lower value items to those of higher value by partaking in an official Trade Up Contract.

To do that, they will need to have ten skins of the same level, which they then upgrade to one skin of a higher level. Thus, getting skins of even higher levels will require so much time and a vast skins collection.

With Upgrade, players can bypass needing a vast collection of skins to own one skin of higher value. With the game, you only need to have one skin of lower value, which you wish to trade. You then wager that skin for the more valuable skin. If the odds favor you, you win the more valuable skin.

counter strike global offensive

How Upgrade Works On CSGO Upgrade Sites

The workings of Upgrade on CSGO betting sites that offer the game is simple. As a player, you will choose a skin from your inventory that you wish to stake. Navigate to the site’s inventory to select the particular skin that you want to have.

The site will calculate the odds you have in winning the particular skin. These odds are calculated based on the value of your skin and that which you wish to win. After calculations and gameplay, you either win the skin you want or lose your wagered skin.

While Upgrade makes it easier for you to win Skins without having an extensive skin collection like in Trade Up Contracts, you also run the risk of losing your skins.

How To Play CSGO Upgrade

For you to play the game, you must reside in a country where online esports gambling is legal. You must also be above 18 years of age. If you meet these criteria, you can play the game.

To start, you must register with an esports betting platform that offers Upgrade CSGO. You can only play CSGO skin gambling on many of these sites if you have a Steam account. Hence, you will need a Steam account, which you link to your bet account. The Steam account gives you access to the Steam Community and Marketplace, where you interact with other players. You also get the chance to acquire new skins or trade the skins in your inventory in the Steam MarketPlace.

After registering, you make your first deposit and proceed to play the game. Some websites offer players free coins or welcome bonuses after they make their first deposit. These welcome bonuses can be in the form of free skins or money. Players can use the freebies to try their hands on the game before risking their real skins or money.

How To Choose A Good CSGO Upgrade Site

Before settling down on a particular CSGO platform, you must ensure the website is of the right standard. There are a lot of websites available where you can play the game, so to make it easier to choose a good one, ensure the site ticks the following boxes:

  • It has an extensive selection of skins in its inventory that you can choose from.
  • It offers a wide variety of esports games on its platform.
  • It has good reviews among players and gambling experts.
  • It has various deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • It has a provably fair system, which checks for the fairness of each gameplay.
  • It is safe and secure for betting.
  • It has excellent customer support.

Best CSGO Upgrade Sites

The best sites to upgrade CSGO skins include the following:


It is one of the best online bookmakers when it comes to CSGO and other esports games. New users are guaranteed a welcome bonus, while old users get to enjoy mouthwatering rewards at intervals. It has excellent customer support, a variety of banking options, and is reputed in the online gambling industry.

Betway Esports

It remains one of the best and most popular online sportsbooks, esports, and casino bookmakers globally. It boasts millions of users worldwide and has extensive coverage of CSGO tournaments and events. There are loads of benefits for users to enjoy, while customer support is readily available to solve customers’ queries.


It is another impressive online bookmaker known for its extensive esports coverage and high odds. Players also enjoy numerous bonuses as well.

Other online gambling platforms worthy of mention include Parimatch, CSGO Fast, Gamdom, Farm Skins, Daddy Skins, and Arcane Bet.

CSGO Upgrade is a unique game and gives you the opportunity of owning new and valuable skins. However, ensure you understand the game to a large extent before wagering your skins. Find a good website that meets the required standard. Register on the platform and go on to enjoy a seamless betting experience.

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