Everyone understands what the core idea of the process of betting is. You wager your money on one team or individual, hoping that they will win. If they do, you gain more money than you have put as a bet. If the team loses, then you lose your money while someone wins more. There is also such an important thing to consider are odds. But nevertheless, the process of betting money is as clear as possible. But what about aging skins?


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People who are not new to the gaming world know that skins are things that allow you to customize your weapon, your character, etc., but they don’t give any boost or bonuses. For example, rarely such skins give you any additional ammunition or other similar bonuses. But they certainly add prestige to the character and to the person owning the character. Some items are so rare that their price goes so high that they can cost several thousands of dollars.

So if a skin can cost real money, why not use it as a currency to bet on different tournaments and matches. CS:GO skin betting has become so popular after Counter-Strike developers implement such a feature in the game. After that, it was implemented on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well. Now bettors can wager skins instead of real money. Each has its cost; some are cheaper; others are rare and expensive.

If you bet a skin, it is withdrawn from your account until the match is over. If you win, you get your stuff back, as well as some others that you have won. So instead of making a deposit by using real money, you bet a skin that is worth real money. You can sell your skins for real money, so that way, betting CS:GO skins grants you additional profit.

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Peculiarities Of Betting CS:GO Skins

Betting on eSports is not new to the betting world. Betting skins is a fairly new way to gain additional profit. The thing is that you can sell skins for real money. And if these items cost real money, so you can use its currency to bet on eSports. That is exactly what is happening when you wager a skin on an eSport. Instead of trading yours for real money to bet on an eSport, you simply wager this one.

Like CS:GO players are aware, the skins can be obtained when certain cases drop while they are playing  CS:GO. In order to get that skin from a case, you need a key to open it. The keys are either bought with real currency, or you can get them for certain events as a prize. This is why CS:GO skin bet can be expensive since you sometimes invest real money to get the skin.

If players want to participate in CS:GO skin betting, they should register on those websites that allow such a form of betting. You also need a Steam account with a collection of skins to bet on. The bookmaker website will withdraw your skin from a Steam account and put it into a cloud account until the match is over. When it is over, you either get it back with other items (in case of a win), or it is withdrawn from your account for good (in case of a loss).

This CS:GO skin betting process might seem a bit difficult since you have to create a Steam account, you have to collect certain items, then create an account on a betting website, find matches where you can bet the skins, but it is worth it. You can win skins that are rare and expensive, that way you can sell them on another marketplace and gain huge profit.

How To Bet CS:GO Skins

To bet a skin, you need to have a Steam account. Then you must choose the website that allows such type of betting. But note that CS:GO skin betting might be allowed on a bookmaker’s site, but not every match accepts this type of betting. You can just check out the markets and pick the match that allows you to wager skins. So register on the website that has such matches, and when you are making a bet, you will see a list of items you can deposit.

This process is completely safe since the betting website will only have access to the Steam account and your in-game information (to its part), and the item will be returned if you win. Plus, you will get some other items too. It’s a great way for players to gain additional profit for their hobby. But in fact, gamers are not the only ones who can benefit from this method. Even if you are not playing CS:GO, you can buy skins with your Steam account. So you can wager skins and then trade them for real money.

Where To Bet CS:GO Skins

There are certain websites that allow you to make bets with skins. It might seem that skin betting CS:GO is less popular, but it’s definitely not. Only a few games allow you to wager skins, for instance, CS:GO, Dota 2, etc. So it seems that CS:GO skin betting is less popular than wagering real money. But it’s a highly popular way to trade some skins and gain a lot of money.

You will be surprised, but even some traditional sports bookmakers allow skins betting, especially for CS:GO. This game is one of the most popular games ever, and betting on this eSport might be even more popular than actually playing the game. Every bookmaker that allows eSports betting has a section for CS:GO. So it is not that hard to find CS:GO skin sites for betting. Below, you can learn about such websites.

CS:GO Skin Sites

Since CS:GO skin betting is fairly popular, a lot of great bookmakers with a good reputation offer skin betting for gamblers. These websites are reputable and trustworthy, it is easy to use them, and it won’t be difficult to start betting skins. Some of these best CS:GO skin betting sites are focused only on eSports betting; others are focused mostly on traditional sports betting. You can choose any of these mentioned websites since they have good comments, and they are reputable.


This website is one of the most known and preferred betting websites. It is heavily targeted at bettors who prefer traditional sports, but it has an eSports section, which is extremely good. You would think that most eSports bookmakers would offer better options for eSports enthusiasts, but Pinnacle can argue with that since it has an extremely convenient eSports section.

You can click on the Esports section, which is placed in the upper right corner, and you will be redirected to betting on games. The design of this section is different, as if it tells you that now you are in a gaming world. CS:GO is always available, and you can choose a league and then the match to bet on. On the right side of the screen, choose the display of bets – Decimal, American, or Percentage.

To make a bet, you need a Pinnacle account. The registration process is simple; just fill in the standard application form. Then choose a match you want to make a bet on. You can choose the skins betting option if it is available. If there is such an option for this particular match, then you will see a list of skins you can bet. If you have a skin from the list, make a bet. It’s easy to bet; the process is the same when you wager money.

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This platform is 2 in 1. You can trade your stuff here, and you can make bets on CSGOEmpire. It is considered to be one of the oldest websites that allow players and other wagerers to bet skins instead of money. It has a nice design, it’s easy to use the website, but you need an account on Steam to start using CSGOEmpire. You won’t even be able to check out the website without a Steam account, so create one as soon as possible.

The process of betting is simple – create an account on CSGOEmpire, then choose a match to make a bet. All matches that you can bet on allow to bet with skins. When you choose the match, click on a “make a bet” button. You will see a list of skins you can bet. If you have one that is accepted, make a bet. You will be connected to the Steam account.

When you are connected to your Steam account, the whole process of making a bet will remind you of a process of using your credit card to make a standard bet. You have to authorize, allow the bookmaker to withdraw a skin, etc. So it’s easy as if you are using your credit card to make a purchase. CS:GO skin betting on CSGOEmpire is one of the most simple processes. And the good news is that all matches available accept skins.


Bettors on traditional sports know this online bookmaker as one of the best betting sites for traditional sports. Casino players know Betway.The casino as one of the best casinos with great bonuses and winning chances. And eSports enthusiasts know that Betway has an eSport section where you can make bets on eSports, on CSGO in particular. But not every gambler knows that on Betway, you can even bet your CSGO skins.

It is very easy to find a bookmaker that has the CSGO betting section. Even traditional and well-known bookmakers are trying to cover all the matches and tournaments since that is what bettors expect them to do. CSGO is extremely popular, and since the game allows bet skins, then bookmakers are interested in offering this option to their gamblers. Betway is one of such bookmakers.

It has a CS:GO skin betting option to satisfy the interests of gaming enthusiasts. Skins cost a lot of money, especially those rare ones. Sometimes the cost of a skin can go up to 2000 dollars, and that’s huge! So Betway offers some matches where players and gamblers can wager by using skins. Skins have become a sort of currency, so why not allow wagerers to bet with it?

Betway is a trusted bookmaker even though it is not an eSports betting site, a lot of eSports wagerers prefer it to be unknown or less popular bookmakers focused on eSports. When it comes to CS:GO, every bookmaker offers betting lines on this game. The website offers nice bonuses to beginners and professional gamblers, so you will even gain some perks and advantages.

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This online bookmaker is focused on eSports betting, and not a long time ago, the site implemented a function when you can bet your skins. The website has a nice design, and it offers a ton of interesting bonuses to recreational bettors as well as for professionals and existing bettors. The website is fairly new but with a good reputation. It offers a lot of markets for CS:GO enthusiasts, and now it allows to wager skins.

To make a bet with your skin, you need a Steam account and a GG.bet account as well. The process of betting with a skin is as simple as it can be. Just choose a match that allows skin betting. Then check the list with skins you can bet, make a bet with a chosen skin. You will be redirected to your Steam account so you can pass the authorization process and approve the process of wagering the skin. And that’s it; if you win, you will gain even more.

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