It can be an unnecessarily difficult challenge to find a legit CSGO Poker site that is safe and offers favorable odds. We have created this review as a way to pick out the most popular and highest rated CSGO casinos that offer the Poker game.


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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch

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Despite being around for hundreds of years and being one of the most popular casino games in the world, it can be tough to find a casino that offers a CSGO themed poker game. There is a vast range of CSGO poker promo codes available, be sure to take advantage of these when signing up to a website.

Our Recommended CSGO Poker Sites

As we mentioned, Poker is not one of the more readily available CSGO casino games. There is actually only one website that offers a true CSGO Poker experience right now; CSGO Tune. We can only hope that other bookmakers will notice there is a demand for the game, and we will start to see it become more common.

Brief Overview Of CSGO Tune

As it is the only website that offers the game, we thought it would be worth filling you in on some of the key information regarding the site. If you head onto the site, there is one major issue that you will pick up on straight away; the whole website is in Russian with no option to change the language. A big advantage we did notice during our review was the ability to deposit using csgo skins.

Thankfully, you can use Google Translate to automatically translate the entire page, but it would be nice to see the platform available natively for more languages. If you decide to play Poker with CSGO Tune, you will also have the option to play a wide array of other casino games on their platform, including:

  • King of the hill
  • Roulette
  • Crash
  • Duel
  • Bones
  • Hi Lo
  • Blackjack

Bonuses & Promo Codes

With only one site offering the game, there isn’t your typical vast range of promotions and welcome bonuses across several websites. With that being said, on CSGO Tune, you can get up to $10 added to your balance when joining the platform. Whilst there may be a lack of CSGO Poker promo codes, you can earn free coins every 15 minutes on their site, giving you the incentive to stay around and play for longer periods of time.


Insight To Poker

Now that you know where you’ll have to go to play, it’s time to gain a further understanding of the game. This will improve your overall gambling experience; following the tips and tricks provided might also help you win more often.

Different Versions Of Poker

The Poker that most people will think of will be the Texas Hold ’em version, which is one of the main reasons that there was a poker boom in the 2000’s. There are other versions, but Texas Hold ’em is typically the most popular.

Poker is now enjoyed by millions across the world. Whilst the game is available at casinos, and that is typically how it is shown in shows and movies, it is actually largely popular online. This is because it’s convenient to log onto your favorite site from a range of available devices and play immediately.

How To Play CSGO Poker

In order to play, you will need to create an account on CSGO Tune, be aware; there will be some restrictions, meaning you may be unable to register depending on the country you live in. If you can sign up, complete your registration process and verify your details to get started.

Once this is done, you can deposit to the platform and jump right into the game. The good news, you can deposit and withdraw using CSGO skins. This means if you have gathered up a strong collection of CSGO skins, you can use them instead of physical money.

You can search for games, choosing from the following settings before searching:

  • 5 seats or 9 seats
  • Fast game or usual game
  • Public or private

There is also a “Tables” tab, which allows you to see all of the currently active tables.

The game will start with the dealer and each player at the table placing a bet and receiving their hand of cards. Once you have looked at your cards, there is a decision you need to make. You can either fold, call, or raise. We have explained the differences of each below.


If you are unhappy with your hand, you can decide to fold. Doing so means you relinquish your cards and will no longer take part in the current hand. Any money that you have already put into the pot will be lost.


The act of calling in poker is to match the amount that has already been bet. This allows you to see the next card, or if the last card dealt was the river card, you will see the showdown.


Raising is the action that a player can opt to make, typically when they are confronted by another player’s bet. When you raise, you will be betting over the amount wagered by your opponent. Be aware that the number and size of raises in each round may be regulated based on the house rules.

CSGO Poker Strategies

As is the case with the majority of gambling, there is a combination of both luck and skill with poker. If you delve into the poker scene, you will find there is a mix of strategies, ranging from simple to incredibly complicated. Learning to become a talented poker player is something that will take a considerable amount of time and dedication.

It is possible to become good enough that you win regularly, but as we mentioned, it can take a lot of time. There is no one strategy that we can guarantee will work for you. What we recommend is having a look at some poker guides that have received good reviews; there are plenty of websites, books, and podcasts available to help with this.

CSGO Tune Poker

Other CSGO Casino Sites

If you decide CSGO Poker isn’t for you, then fear not, there are plenty of other casino games based on CSGO that you can play. We mentioned a few of the other games offered on CSGO Tune earlier in the review, but there are other sites that you can check out for CSGO gambling.

  • CSGOEmpire
  • CSGO Fast
  • Rollbit
  • Unikrn
  • Farm Skins


How To Play CSGO Poker?

Sign up to CSGO Tune (if your country isn’t restricted), deposit with your preferred currency, or with csgo skins and start playing.

How Does CSGO Poker Work?

The game typically follows the rules of Texas Hold ’em poker, which is the most popular. We recommend reading up about this version of poker and getting to grips before you play.

How To Get Coins CSGO Poker?

With CSGO Tune, you will receive a welcome bonus, and then you receive free coins for every 15 minutes that you are on the site.

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