If you are thinking about gambling and you love video and computer games, then CSGO gambling seems to be a good idea. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a great way to observe fascinating matches of the best players in the world, and to wager some money on them. Each time you are performing a coinflip, you gain a chance to win additional profit. You might either bet on the favorites of the match, or you should choose the underdog.


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CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Call of Duty

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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite
Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch

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But why to choose CS gambling? There are so many other games that you might bet on. The reason why most people who prefer eSports choose CSGO gambling is that the game is so popular that most bookmakers include it to their lists of eSports. If you prefer Overwatch or Fortnite, it is good, but it is pretty hard to find online bookmakers that allow betting on these games.

There are even some free CSGO gambling sites where you might gain virtual coins and make bets on different matches. Of course, you won’t gain real money for that, but at least you would see how the system works and then, later on, proceed with real CSGO gambling.

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A very popular way to gamble is CSGO skin gambling. Those who play Counter-Strike or other similar shooters, know that there are skins in the game. These skins help players to customize their characters and weapons. In Counter-Strike, you might use skins to customize weapons, but not knives. These skins give no bonuses or advantages, but they are prestigious. A lot of players, especially the best players, are hunting these skins and are ready to pay for them, especially for the rare ones.

Skin trading has become so popular that skins have become a kind of currency. Some rare skins are very expensive; others go at average prices, etc. And now people might use skins as wagers on some sites that allow skin trading. Surprisingly, even some traditional sports bookmakers allow that.

Does it seem that choosing a CSGO gambling website is important? And yes, it is since depending on your choice, you might get better options. Below you can learn more about the gambling process, CSGO gambling sites, where you might make wagers, and whether this is legal.

What Is CSGO Gambling?

CSGO gambling is when you choose a website, create an account, and place a wager on a team you feel might have winning chances. Since CSGO is an official eSport where thousands of players compete against each other to win remarkable rewards, you can bet on this game as if on football.

CSGO gambling is the same as when you bet on traditional sports. You can learn more about the teams, analyze their statistics, and choose a winning side to bet on. Or trust the odds and bet. If the odds are displayed as Decimal, you might see such lines: Team A (3.2) vs. Team B (1.3). In this case, the favorite of the match is Team B, with 1.3 odds.

If you bet 1 dollar on this team and it will win, you gain 1.3 dollars. But if you risk and place this dollar on the underdog of the match, and it wins, you gain 3.2. A lot of best CSGO gambling sites offer different sections with tips and information related to eSports gambling so you can learn more.

Is CSGO Gambling Legal?

A relatively recent case against the developer of Counter-Strike has caused people to start asking questions about whether gambling is legal. The case was about Counter-Strike developer creating a new currency – skins. It was claimed that it is illegal, and Valve (developer) was gaining profit for selling those skins. But eventually, the case was dismissed. Although several sites were shut down and people lost their accounts with skins, which lead to great losses.

But still, CSGO gambling is not illegal, especially if you gamble real money. But even in the case of wagering skins, there are no regulations that restrict this process. You can go without worrying bet money on CSGO, and you can choose trusted sites to bet with skins. But you might want to withdraw your winnings by trading skins for real money. Just in case anything happens.

List Of CSGO Gambling Sites

You might choose CSGO gamble websites from the list. These are licensed websites, and some of them even allow skin gambling. Choose the one that fits your preferences, or you can check out several of them to decide which one is best and more convenient.


This website is a great opportunity to safely gamble on CSGO. The site has nice options, for example, a casino, a betting section on traditional sports, eSports section. What is great about Pinnacle is that it is trying to be great at both – offering sports lines on traditional sports and on eSports. Most traditional sports sites are less competent in eSports than those sites that are targeted at eSports, but Pinnacle is an exception.

Pinnacle has a very convenient eSports section where you can choose the way the odds are displayed. There are several payment options so you can choose the most convenient for you to withdraw your amazing winnings. Overall, it is one of the best CSGO gambling sites.


This website is relatively new, and it is targeted at skins betting. The good news about CSGOEmpire is that it is trusted. It has a good reputation, and you can safely trade skins and bet them on the platforms. You need a Steam account, only that way you can bet with skins.

To start betting on Counter-Strike, apart from Steam account, you need a CSGOEmpire. So create one and check out the available matches. You will see the list of skins that can be used as currency to bet. If you don’t have the skins from the list, you can find another match. You still can bet with money on this site, some players consider it as a safer method. It’s up to you to decide.

Betway eSports

Betway is a well-known website where you can bet on TV events, contests, sports, gamble in a casino, etc. But Betway has a great eSports section too. CSGO gambling is available on Betway so you can enjoy making bets on Counter-Strike. The website is reputable and trusted, with a good reputation and nice bonuses. The bonus system is amazing since it offers bonuses not only to new gamblers but to existing ones as well.

If you get bored while waiting for the results of the match, you can visit Betway Casino. This casino is considered one of the best; a lot of players prefer it to pure casinos online without betting sections. It won’t crash unexpectedly, and the payouts are amazing. So you can try this site, it is worth your time and money.

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This betting website offers a great collection of eSports to bet on. It has around twenty games you can place bets on. Even if a game is only about to become an eSport, Rivalry will already have a section for this game. There is a CSGO gambling section with lots of matches. If you want to be efficient with your bets and money, you can check out the results section. Just insert the name of the team in the search section, and you will see all the results and statistics.

That way, you can find out about the capabilities of the team you want to make a bet on. Rivalry is a great way to gain additional profit. It allows you to use the most popular payment options so you can choose the most convenient.


This website is targeted mostly at gamblers who prefer betting on sports, contests, politics, economics, etc. But it has a very good eSports section. To find it, you need to click on the Sports section and to seek “eSports” on the list of options to bet (it is displayed in alphabetical order). Click on eSports, and you will find CSGO betting lines. The website offers great bonuses for everyone. Overall, Unibet is a fair website with great opportunities.


Another website that is mostly focused on eGames. It is considered one of the most convenient CSGO gambling sites since it covers almost all the popular matches and contests. It even offers bonuses specifically for gamblers on games. It is easy to use the website, all matches are categorized, and you won’t have any problems with finding a match that you need. It has the most used and convenient payment options, so you can choose the best for you.

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