Betting on eSports is something that everyone has already gotten used to. Several decades ago, betting on computer games was something weird if not unacceptable, it wasn’t even considered a sport. But now, thousands of bets players compete against each other for an amazing pool of rewards. Sometimes these gaming championships are having millions of dollars as a prize pool. So it would be weird if such events wouldn’t be covered by online bookmakers.


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CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite

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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty

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CSGO, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of such games that is loved by millions. You can observe live streams of tournaments, matches, bet on your favorite teams, and win rewards. Not only are players interested in the game, but bettors too. They can bet even small amounts, but they still win and gain profit, even if it is smaller. At least money is used, and it brings profit.

gameplay CSGO

The good news about betting on CSGO – the game is so popular, it won’t be hard to find several CSGO free betting sites with a good reputation. It is important to trust those services operating legally. They need a license, even if it is from another country. But it has to be legal since the owners will be obliged to offer quality services – otherwise, they lose the license.

Here are some tips for choosing a reliable website:

  • It should be licensed.
  • It must have a protected Internet connection.
  • Long history or if it is new, it must have comments from real users.
  • A great variety of payment ways.
  • A lot of lines.
  • Fair odds.

If the service meets these requirements, you might trust the site and make your bets. If you are seeking free CSGO betting sites, then you would be sure there are lots of reliable websites offering free bets as bonuses. Of course, free betting doesn’t mean you might make bets without depositing and paying at all for the services. You just gain some bonuses, which are considered to be free bets.

An example, even when you create for the first time your account, you might make a deposit and gain additional rewards. If you bet ten dollars, you get an additional ten dollars, which means that you have ten dollars completely free. The ten-dollar reward should be considered as a free bet. Or some other sites offer free bets – you don’t get money, you get several attempts to bet off charge.

If you are using free CSGO betting sites, it doesn’t mean you won’t pay at all. There is a common restriction on gambling sites – you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings o bonuses before you either make a deposit or meet the rollover requirements. The rollover is a fixed number of times you need to wager. Usually, there is also a requirement at what odds you have to make a wager.

Even if some users claim these CSGO free betting sites, or rather free bets are not worthy, they are wrong. You still get additional currency to gamble. Usually, the sum you have on your account is twice as bigger as you would expect at the beginning. So it is a great boost and a chance to win.

CSGO Free Bets Advantages

CSGO free betting is a chance to pay less, but to win a lot more. You might still meet the rollover requirements and win good rewards. You might just bet in small portions, and if you win, you get rewards off charge – since you are using the money, you got as a bonus.

If you are utilizing CSGO betting sites free coins, then you don’t even have to make the first deposit. It means when you bet, you gain only profit, without losing anything. But if you decide to cash out, it will be a must to make a deposit. This way, bookmakers are trying to lower the number of the so-called bonus hunters. But overall, even when you have to deposit, you still get better value than without a bonus or free bets.

List Of CSGO Free Betting Services

You might just google a request “free CSGO gambling sites” to find several websites offering such bonuses. Or you can use the list from the article. If you choose the first option, make sure you check whether the site has a license (you can do a check on specific websites), or at least check the feedback of users. Mentioned sites in the article are trusted, and you won’t have to check whether they are safe.


This service is less popular than some other bookmakers, but Betfair offers some interesting options. For example, it has a bonus when you create an account which can be considered as a free bet. And if you download the app for your mobile phone, you can also get a bonus (100 dollar bonus) in free bets. You can spend the money on betting, and you won’t even have to pay for this.

Betfair offers to bet on Counter-Strike. If you want to start gambling, click on the “Sports” section on the left upper side of the page. Then find the third column, there you will see eSports. So take advantage of your CSGO free bets and win some rewards.

This online bookmaker is focused on eSports. It has a remarkable, one of the best collections of CSGO matches. And you can get a free bonus too. Make sure you read the requirements in the specific section of the site. One of the most important rules is to use the promo code before making the first deposit. The website has a pleasant interface, and it is easy to understand how to use it. The bonus can be spent on betting; you can’t just cash out.

CSGOF rifle


This website is dedicated to betting on eSports, and it has only one bonus – up to a hundred dollars as free bets. You can gain an additional hundred dollars for making a hundred dollar deposit. It means you might make smaller deposits equal to or more than the minimum required. And your deposit will be doubled. Use free money (or coins) to make bets on CSGO. This way, you gain a boost at the beginning of wagering.


The site is a reliable bookmaker that is trusted and has a good reputation. It is on the list of free CSGO websites since it has several different bonuses. One bonus that everyone is interested in is the double deposit bonus. Like in the previous example, you have to deposit a certain sum, and you get it doubled. The website is extremely useful. Even though it is not purely an eSports bookmaker, it has a lot of useful options for Counter-Strike fans.

It has two bonuses that might be of interest to those who are seeking free bets. One grants a double deposit – as in two previous examples. But the second offers a return of money in case of a loss. You should learn more about the requirements for each bonus on The site is definitely worthy of your attention.

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