Welcome to an in-depth guide and review of CSGO case opening websites, looking at the best options out there and the pros and cons of each. Case openings helped to drive extra traffic to CSGO several years ago, with players having the thrill of opening cases for in-game items, knowing some were worth thousands of dollars.


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Despite attempts from Valve, it remains one of the most popular forms of CSGO betting out there, and it’s understandable why with having the chance to drastically improve your inventory and skin collection.

What Are CSGO Case Openings?

As an integral part of the community, the case opening aspect was initially introduced into CSGO through drops players could receive playing the game. There are cases and keys; for example, you could receive one from playing a game and then go and purchase the relevant key on the Steam store. From here, you would open it up and receive a skin holding a value on the Steam market.

Following this, you can either opt to keep the skin in your inventory and use it in-game, or you can try to sell the skin on the Steam market.

Since 2016 there has been a surge of CSGO case opening sites, typically offering better odds with more tantalizing options being made available in the cases provided. These sites are a form of gambling, as you are depositing funds and opening cases with the hopes of getting something worth more than the cost of opening to make a profit or have a high-value item to keep and use.

Best CSGO Case Opening Sites

With a considerable amount of sites out there, we have cut it down to feature the best of the best, so you aren’t wasting your time with a bookmaker that doesn’t deserve it.


Hellcase has been dominating the market for years now. With over 166 million cases opened at the time of completing this guide and just under 9 million players, it’s clear that they are the favorites when it comes to case openings.

It’s understandable why when you take a look at the insane range of cases they have on offer. There are literally hundreds of different cases available to open. Many of them are identical cases that can be opened through the Steam store; however, Hellcase tends to be cheaper; however, the majority are custom cases that Hellcase has designed to offer more interesting options to players.

Hellcase provides their users with a free sign-up bonus, free daily bonuses, and fast ways to withdraw, which makes them one of the better options when it comes to CSGO case opening sites.


Farmskins main page

With over 67 million cases opened, the second option when it comes to opening cases for CSGO skins is FarmSkins. There is a simple “Sign In Through Steam” option available on the site, which makes it incredibly easy to get things started on the platform. One of the major benefits that comes with FarmSkins is the utterly amazing range they have when it comes to depositing money onto the site. Unfortunately, though, they aren’t one of the CSGO case opening sites with PayPal as an option.

There is a great range of cases available to choose from here, ranging from under $1 to a couple of hundred dollars, all with different unique and interesting skins available. As one of the most popular sites for opening cases, with a nice user interface, daily bonuses, and sign up bonuses, FarmSkins is a fantastic option.


CSGORoll main page

Here we are looking at an established site that has just recently introduced skin openings to their platform. One unique feature about CSGORoll is that the packs are opened using their own coin currency, with the skins being won holding values in this currency as well. If you’re desperate for a new knife to use in CS:GO, there are knife dedicated cases on CSGORoll and the others mentioned in this guide.

The only downside we could see from CSGORoll was that the user interface is rather bland and doesn’t offer anything eye-catching or special to the user. Outside of that, the site is easy to navigate with many interesting options to choose from, and has a respectable customer service system in place.

CSGO Case Opening Sites With PayPal

It’s one of the most often asked questions and one of the harder aspects to find with CSGO case opening sites, and that is having the option to deposit and withdraw through PayPal. Unfortunately, the option to use PayPal as a payment method seems to be focused more on skin selling sites and not case opening sites.

However, this shouldn’t be seen as a major issue in our opinion. Whilst PayPal can be a great option for transferring funds, all of these betting sites typically offer a wide range of deposit and payment options to their customers.

Additional CSGO Case Opening Sites

In this guide, we took a proper look at the three major Counter-Strike case opening sites; CSGORoll, FarmSkins, and Hellcase. Whilst these are the top picks from our time conducting reviews, there are still a plethora of alternatives available. Below is a list of some other sites you can consider using.

  • SkinHub

  • DatDrop

  • DaddySkins

There are many more than this, but as the list goes on, the reputation and popularity of drop off significantly, and realistically all you need at most is a few different sites to use.

CSGO Case Opening Sites Conclusion

We have reached the end of this quick guide. We have identified three case opening sites that you should consider using; Hellcase, FarmSkins, and CSGORoll. Across the board, they seem to offer the best service and case opening variations. Additionally, however, the likes of SkinHub, DatDrop, and DaddySkins can also be used if you choose to.

We recommend trying to stick with one site to get familiar with it and use it as your primary CSGO case opening option; however, it is worth being signed up to a couple of different sites and taking advantage of promo code, promotions, and bonuses where possible.

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