Csgotune.com – In A Nutshell

With so many gambling sites available in the market, it has been a challenge choosing which sites are better to bet skins and items. Users like us need to make sure our money is safe to avoid getting scammed. One of the many casino sites for the CSGO betting system is CSGOTune.com. With this article, I will give you a review to help you understand and navigate the site better.

RankWebsiteGamesBonus offerRatingPlay
1 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
Bet Here
2 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €150
Bet Here


Overall Rating3.75 / 5
Safety and Fairness4 / 5
Bonuses and Promotion3 / 5
Software and Gameplay5 / 5
Customer Support3 / 5

As a user, I give the CSGOTune site a 3.5 out of 5 overall ratings. The website CSGOTune.com has existed for quite some years and has an SSL valid certification from the Xolphin so, I give it a 4-stars rate for safety and fairness. I rate 5-stars for software and gameplay for its simple site design that makes it easier for users to navigate with eight different games to play. Its bonuses and promotion, as well as customer support, both rate 3-stars for me.

Csgotune main page


CSGOTune.com is a CSGO betting site using skins, items, or coins. CSGOTune legal rating is high since its establishment in 2016 and certificate verifications. The website is in Russian and other users could use google translate for automatic translation. CSGOtune registration is super-fast and can be done on-site, but there is no CSGOTune app and live betting as of the moment.

Bonuses, Referral Codes and Promotion

CSGOTune betting has the best bonus for its free coins for everyone. You get free coins EVERY 15 minutes. Each new level you achieve, you get +2 to the number of cranes and +1 to the amount of the crane. When registering, they give you 20 faucets of 10 coins each. With each level you earn, you will receive additional 2-taps and an additional 1-coin to the value of the tap, where at level 90, you can have 200 total clicks of 100 coins.

To further elaborate its leveling system, every 25,000 coins you wager in any game increases your level. With every level, the site gives you 250 free coins and additional cranes or clicks. And in every ten (10) levels, you increase your rank. The higher your level, the more privileges you will have available in the future.

Another bonus you get is through writing to the chat and have the chance to get 100 coins. They give 100 coins every hour through a draw, so this is good if you are sociable. The more messages you write, the more chances of winning. Therefore, a ticket is equal to 1 written text in the chat box.

CSGOTune’s good affiliate program also lets you gain more bonuses through referrals. You have a unique number, your CSGOTune code given after registering to identify your account and invite your friends using the link or number. You will receive a percentage of every bet they make and the first deposit they make.

CSGOTune also has tournaments every day, week, and month and they determine the winners at the random selection. You are more likely to win if you have more money replenished in a given period.

And if the site does not have enough funds to issue a prize, the player will receive 1% of all deposits for the specified period of the tournament. CSGOTune promo codes are also all over the internet. You can either subscribe to their VKontakte group to get updates of promo codes and other freebies.

Csgotune welcome bonus

Special Features

With so many CSGO betting sites, the only one with a legit Poker game is CSGOTune that has classic hold-em style CSGO poker. Aside from that, CSGOTune betting has seven other games to play on top of poker and includes roulette, crash, and some games similar to CSGO poker like blackjack. CSGTune good service provides a classic scheme among betting sites that supports transactions with items not only from CS: GO but also from several other games.

Games Offered

King of the Hill

A mode for those who like to play for high stakes. Players of 10 will make bets on the total deposit that has its draw among other participants at the end of the round.


Like in a real casino, it is a card game to win bets by making the highest possible poker hand using 4 (old classic), 2, or 5 cards, or by compelling all rivals to quit taking an interest in the game. The game is played with fully or partially close cards. The players deposit local coins in the game instead of betting chips.


A game mode in which players place bets on the victory of the black, red, or green sector. At the end of the round, the drawn color determines the winner.


Game mode in which you need to have time to press the Stop button and exit the game before the “Crash” occurs and stops. The “crash” occurs at a random moment in time, but the longer you hold out in the game, the higher the bet multiplier, and the more coins you win.


The game mode consists of two participants that need to set the amount of the bet and spin the wheel. If the yellow arrow hits the white line, you get double. If on the gray one, you will lose.


A game mode in which a player places a bet on a number that is greater or less than the one specified by players. You increase or decrease the multiplier to adjust your probability of winning or guessing the number.


You bet for the next card for their color and for higher or lower in seniority. For the color of the next card, you win with your bet doubled. For the seniority of the next card, your winning will increase by the card seniority multiplier. From 2 to 9 is x1.5, from jack to A is x3, from king to A is x6, and the only ace is x12. If you guessed the appearance of a joker, your bet multiplies by 2.


The game is simple, with its goal to collect 21 points or more points than the dealer, but not more than 21.

Csgotune features

Location and Age Restrictions

Its country’s location is in Georgia. Its registered address is in Tbilisi, Guramishvili Avenue №78, block E54. They have location restriction for users to guarantee that he/she is not a citizen and does not enter the site from the territory of the following countries:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore

Its age restriction only requires players to be at least 18 years old.

Betting Options

This CSGOTune reviews that the site allows users with an account to bet using cosmetic items/skins, coins, and real money. You can use skins by connecting your steam account to the site. Some of its games like Duel and Bones let us bet using only coins, but the remaining others require us to deposit real money on-site to start betting. This type of betting is considerably more stable and reliable against skin betting. It also offers betting options like tournaments.


It has many convenient authorization methods to choose from STEAM, Google +, VK, Facebook, Yandex. It is hassle-free because it’s not necessary to register at the site. Instead, you can sign up using your Steam to access your inventory and transfer items as your deposit. They also immediately give you a bonus after opening your account to start your game.

Deposit Methods

The CSGOTune gambling website offers three deposit options you can choose; QIWI, EHOT, and Steam. You can use skins from your Steam inventory as a deposit, as well as a direct cash investment using the payment systems. The minimum deposit amount is $ 1.50 to start playing immediately.

Payment and Withdrawal

You can withdraw real money to almost any payment system. If your payment system is not on the list, contact support, and it will try to find a solution and manually withdraw your funds. Other withdrawals also let you get your skins and have your balance moved into your credit or debit card.

Privacy and Security

It is essential to ensure your details and account is safe. And CSGOtune legality is measured with a certification under Fingate Ltd and has a company registration number of 0060-2904. It also has reliable payment methods ranging from credit and debit cards, QIWI wallet, EHOT, and Steam. Its sign-up system is also proof of its security for allowing Google+, Yandex, and Steam that have high-security measures.

Customer Support

You can contact support if you need assistance because they provide their email on the site. What makes CSGOtune good is it also has a chat box with an admin and moderator present to respond. The only downside is that most of the texts there are Russian. They also have accounts on Telegram and VK Group to keep you updated on promos and freebies.


  • Quick withdrawal of funds
  • Wide range of games modes to choose from
  • A lot of free giveaways and draws, including skins and cases
  • Supports promo codes
  • Advance affiliate program


  • The site is in the Russian language, which you need to translate
  • Lacks technical support


Based on my review, I conclude that the website is one of the best skin-betting sites among the other existing ones. It only has minor flaws and is filled with numerous advantages. Try it yourself to experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is CSGOTune Legit A Site?

Yes, it is legal with certificates and registration numbers.

Does The Site Have A CSGOTune App?

No, there is no mobile app for the site as of the moment.

Does The CSGOTune Gambling Website Have A Mobile Adaptation?

Yes, the CSGOTune site is fully mobile-friendly.

Can I Enter A CSGOTune Promo Code?

Yes, the CSGOTune supports promo codes.

Csgoroll.com – In A Nutshell 

One major problem for CSGO players like us is finding the best sites to bet skins and items. You need to ensure the system is safe and legit for our money not to get scammed. This article will give you first-hand user experience and information about CSGOroll.com.

RankWebsiteGamesBonus offerRatingPlay
1 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
Bet Here
2 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €150
Bet Here

This review will make you understand and learn more about the gambling site with unbiased information on how it works, its games offered, bonuses, and more tips for you to start playing.


Overall Rating4.5 / 5
Bonuses and Promotions4.5 / 5
Games and Software5 / 5
Support and Features4 / 5
Trust and Fairness4.5 / 5

I give CSGORoll.com an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It boasts of its games and software is 5-stars rated for me because of its design and animation. They also offer a lot of bonuses and promotions deserving of a 4.5-stars rating. The CSGORoll site has a secured SSL that its trust and fairness deserve a rate of 4.5-stars. CSGORoll betting services are effortless because of its fast deposit and withdrawal system. Its live on-site chat is also proof that its excellent support deserves a 4-stars rate.

CSGORoll main page


CSGORoll.com is a newly re-opened gambling site with a freshly updated design and more new games to play. It has a fast trading system for player-to-player withdrawal and deposit transactions. CSGORoll legal certifications make the site a distinguished skin gambling site. And like most CSGO online casinos, players can deposit skins to exchange them for coins and use it on the games on-site. You can also win coins and use them to purchase skins, which are available for withdrawal.

Bonuses, Referral Codes, and Promotions

As soon as you finish your CSGORoll registration, a lot of bonuses already await you. So, if you’re a new user or still planning opening an account, this site will give you excitement for its wide range of free bonuses and cases offered for you.

Welcome Bonus

After signing up, you get three free boxes to open. With each case, you can win worth $1600 Dragon Lore. Just click the “FREE BOX” in the Top Menu and input a functioning CSGOroll code in the box to receive your reward.

Daily Free Case

The CSGORoll system has made this reward for its avid players. Those consistent players on their website have the chance to level up and open a free case daily. Cases are available if you reach level 10, up to 100. Cases opening are done daily and can earn up to 150 coins per day.


Once registered, you can set-up your referral code to reward your friends with three free cases each. All you need to do is send your code, and you can also earn up to 50% of the commission.

CSGORoll crash

Chat Bonus

It is not only a means for communication, but it also offers to win freebies if you chance to encounter offers given by the team or individual member. There are corner distributions that give CSGORoll promo codes randomly. But asking for free codes at the chat section is strictly prohibited and could lead your chat permission to be removed temporarily.


CSGORoll site invites you to participate in their organized giveaway events through the “GIVEAWAY” section under your personal space. It is free to participate. And with some luck, you can win awesome skins with good value.

Special Features

With the data I gathered, this CSGORoll reviews the site as one of the best gambling sites. Aside from many active members on-site, they also have a live chat that lets users communicate freely.

Their site also provides information for FAQS and the game’s fairness. They have listed a lot of policies and have social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord. CSGORoll app is not yet available in the market. But the website is still mobile-friendly when opened on phones.

Games Offered


This game resembles a roulette wheel, which is a little different from a traditional roulette wheel found in a classic online casino but is very present in the world of CSGO betting. This one has 15 numbers. Number 0 is green, 1 to 7 are red, and the numbers from 8 to 14 are black. The bets won on red or black pay you twice your bet while green pays you 14 times as your winning.


This is a fairly popular game. The multiplier starts at one and increases until it crashes or stops. Players try to cash in the highest multiplier before it ends.


CSGORoll good unboxing game lets you buy boxes of different values that allow you to obtain CSGO skins. And of course, the amount of the skins in the boxes increases according to the price of the box.

CSGORoll unboxing


A game mode in which a player places a bet on a number that is greater or less than the one specified by players. You roll the dice either under or over to increase or decrease the multiplier. Through this, it will adjust your probability of winning or guessing the number and click roll dice to start betting.

Location & Age Restrictions

The website CSGORoll.com has an age restriction for those under 18 years of age. Its policy states that they do not collect data from or market to children under 18 years of age. Its address is at 1, AVLONOS, MARIA HOUSE, NICOSIA, 1075 CYPRUS. They also have location restrictions and prohibit residents of the state of Washington from accessing the Site and Services.

Betting Options

CSGORoll allows players to bet skins from CSGO and DOTA through Steam accounts and can convert them to coins. Aside from that, they also accept real money deposits and convert them into game coins. They offer live streaming of games to bet.


CSGORoll registration involves logging in with your Steam account. It is the only option available on the CSGORoll website. Once you click the login button, you are redirected to the steam community site to sign in to your Steam account.

However, CSGORoll does not claim any affiliation with Steam or Valve. And after you have logged into your Steam account, a welcome bonus of three free cases awaits you.

CSGORoll create account

Deposit Methods

The website has a deposit page that offers a wide range of options. Its minimum deposit is $70 that is equivalent to 100 coins. You can use these options below:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin

Aside from that, you can also deposit your skins from your CSGO account.

Payment Methods and Withdrawal

Unlike other websites, CSGORoll has developed other options to make withdrawal transactions a lot easier for its users. It’s the only requirement that is just a one-time deposit. CSGORoll allows the trade of skins by the player-to-player transaction. It makes you a direct link to another player and can make communication to what skins you want to get. CSGORoll has skins in stocks or instant skins that have an automatic withdrawal if it is available.

You also need to be eligible for trading in Steam to have a smooth transaction. They also have third-party skins or Escrow skins that withdrawal takes a few hours from the time of the request or until a maximum of seven days.

Privacy and Security

Its website has excellent privacy and security policies. Given that it requires your Steam account from logging in, it means the site has high security. The information it gathers is only for legitimate business interest, contract, legal obligations, and with user consent. It has a license under Feral Entertainment (Cyprus) Limited with registration number HE 388908.

Customer Support

Customer support is also excellent with their on-site Zendesk assistance where you can directly ask questions and get a response within an hour. It also has an email address of [email protected] to inquire aside from its live chat that involves other players, admin, and moderator.


  • Good game variety
  • Fair betting system
  • Excellent support
  • Variety of bonuses includes free cases, referral, and promo codes
  • A lot of deposit methods


  • No availability of cash or bitcoin withdrawal

CSGORoll dice


Since its establishment in 2015, CSGORoll has made its comeback only after several months of absence from the online gambling industry. That is proof enough that it is a reliable betting site that managed to get through difficult times while coming back much better by building good reputations. It is undoubtedly one of the best skin betting sites for me.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Csgoroll Legit?

Yes, it has been around since 2015. Its big user base and a good reputation with players is proof already aside from its license and certificates.

What to Do If I Can’t Deposit or Withdraw Skins?

Set your Steam inventory into the public and use the correct trade URL. If you recently receive an item, your item will only be restricted by Steam for seven days. But if it is not the problem, contact customer support if you are still experiencing difficulty after 10 minutes.

Csgolounge.com – Short Summary

This betting site was one of the first eSports and skin gambling sites on which you could both gamble and place bets on CSGO matches. They are estimated to have processed more than 90 million skins in the year 2016, averaging the value of around $10.

RankWebsiteGamesBonus offerRatingPlay
1 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
Bet Here
2 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €150
Bet Here

The interface design of their website is simple and easy to navigate as matches are being shown right after you load on their home page. And after, you can easily pick a match where you want to bet your money.

During the previous years, the csgolounge betting site allows you to trade skins from different users, where it was one of the exciting features they had. As you will propose skins and choose items objects, you prefer to get, and other players will make an offer for your trade – which are based on the value of the item you have.

However, when some pro players of CSGO league were fixing matches where they already completely pre-determined the result, such violation of some rules to gain money and profit from the betting sites. And csgolounge site was one of the betting sites which was not informed with the news, and this is one of the reasons they have lost their reputation.

And right after Steam banned skin gambling on any games they have, especially Dota 2 and CSGO Global Offensive, nowadays, this is just a pure betting site which only allows real money for gambling.


Overall Rating3.25 / 5
Customer Support4 / 5
Deposit and Withdraw3 / 5
Games and Design2 / 5
Trust and Fairness4 / 5


Csgolounge.com is an esports betting site that is limited only to CSGO Global Offensive – where you can deposit real money and win great odds on the matches they offer from the different tournaments around the world. Besides, the website is pretty simple to understand and navigate that even new users can fully comprehend the kind of interface they have.

And for other information, their domain was first released and registered way back in August 2013, but their gambling activity started in April 2016. Also, maybe because of the shutdown of all skin betting in all eSports gambling sites, new ownership bought the website domain. And now, on their website, it is stated it’s copyrighted 2018 – 2020.

Csgolounge main page

Bonuses, Referral Codes, and Promotions

Sadly, the platform csgolounge.com is primarily a gambling site and does not provide users or players with the opportunity of receiving any means of promotions. And this is also one of the issues on other betting sites in which encouragement or incentives for players are not a prime focus on trading options.

However, the website offers discounts on every bet you make once you have any csgolounge promo code from its affiliated streams, or in the general chat of any website or on the website’s public pages like VK and Twitter.

Moreover, on csgolounge code reward, you have can only be redeemed once and usually not less than 100 RUB.

Special Features

Honestly, the website does not have a lot of notable features, but only two are worth praising for; one is the live betting matches you can bet on and win some great odds – but it all depends on the popularity of the teams who are partaking in a game.

Second, mobile compatibility and user experience in their application. And if you are fond of using your mobile device rather than your computer, you can search on your browser for the csgolounge app, which can provide you with respect as it has the highest security you can experience.

Games Offered

Unlike other eSports gambling sites that also have CSGO Global Offensive in their games offered and has different game modes like roulette, king of the hall, dice, blackjack, duel, poker games, and any other casino-types of games, csgolounge site only offers Winner of the Map.

Thus, either of the teams that you have betted will likely win it all but depends on the previous games that they have with each other and such factors that will limit the team’s percentage of winning.

Location and Age Restrictions

Users must be recognized as an adult who is applicable by law, which means they have to be 18+ or above to play on the website. However, just like any other csgolounge reviews are on the web, the site is accessible from any country.

In 2016, most visitors to csgolounge.com were from Russia, which is about 14.65%, about 9.43% from the United States, and 6.23% from Poland. And these countries are interested in gambling so much on the internet.

Betting Options

So, I have said before, unlike the year 2016, that time, users are able to bet skins or items from their respective item inventories and gamble it against other players on the website. But, when they came back from long inactivity, due to the Steam banning of betting skin items in some gambling sites, the website transitioned it to betting real money instead.


Csgolounge registration requires a Steam account, and if you don’t have any, you have to make a steam account. And take note that CSGO and dota2.net have the same company, which means they both use steam accounts. So here are the steps on creating a steam account and going to final csgolounge registration:

  1. Provide a legitimate email address.
  2. Confirm the email address you have provided.
  3. Specify your country of residence.
  4. Take note: you must agree to the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement and the Valve Privacy Policy, and you must be at least 13 years of age or older.
  5. Once you have confirmed your email address, Steam will provide you a link to creating an account ID and password.
  6. If you have already made an account and password for your Steam account, you can log-in now to the csgolounge site and enjoy betting on their matches.

Csgolounge create account

Deposit Methods

Since csgolounge does not accept any other payment options, but only real money, so it is your choice whether you will deposit is:

  • Euro
  • US Dollars
  • Ruble

And once you have made up your mind, you can choose from these different payment systems:

  • Bitcoin
  • Visa Mastercard
  • Skinpay
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex
  • Rapid
  • WeChat Play
  • Alipay

Payment Methods and Withdrawal

One of the reasons why most users consider csgolounge good is not the best (as of today) is that they only accept real money as a payment method. Unlike before, the csgolounge site offers skin payment methods, which made people get hooked on to the site and made profits from winning such bets then selling the skins for real money.

Also, in the part of their withdrawal system, it has the same procedures like other gambling sites. Which you have to take note of these:

  • If you enter an incorrect wallet number, your money will not be refunded.
  • The process of withdrawing money requests will usually take less than an hour. However, in some cases, it would most likely take up to three business days.
  • If you are going to make a withdrawal from your bank card, it would again take up to three days before it will continually be considered as a successful request.

Moreover, just what like I stated above, you can withdraw your money through:

  • Visa Mastercard
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex
  • Market
  • Bitcoin
  • Swap Lounge

But all withdrawal requests or processes that you will make has a commission fee for the csgolounge, which is about 3% on the total amount of money that you will withdraw.

Privacy and Security

Csgolounge betting site has one of the high-security measures that ensure your privacy of your personal information against losing, incorrect use, alteration, or destructing your account on the site. With this, only you, the owner, have authorized access to the info you have provided.

It is also not questioned for the csgolounge’s part as they are one of the notable gambling sites in the market that secures the safety of their user’s information. Besides, the website takes preventive measures from time to time on reviewing your account through technical and legal development.

Customer Support

With regards to their customer support, before you can report anything to the admins of the site, you have to make a ticket with regards to the issue(s) you have. And you need to describe the issue in detail, or else it won’t be considered as a successful entry. Usually, it will take about three days for their admin support to receive your ticket – and there are no other means to contact them only on their website.

However, if your issues are easy to answer, the site provides answers in the FAQ section, which will help you understand some things you are trying to get right.


  • Classic design
  • Highly reputable website because of its security measures on the users’ account
  • Real Time schedule on CSGO matches on the site
  • Lot of payment options


  • Only uses real money for your payment method
  • CSGO limited website
  • No other game modes available
  • Poor customer support


I think the csgolounge was one of the best when they accepted skin betting and trading on their site as it gives users so many options on the kind of activity they will do.

Nowadays, the csgolounge is just an average gambling site where you will participate in scheduled matches on the website and gamble real money and hope that you will win some good odds.

Csgolounge features

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is CSGOLounge legit?

Yes, the csgolounge is very legit as it is one of the gambling sites that have high-security measures on the player’s account as the user will provide the log-in details through Steam.

Is CSGOLounge legal?

Yes, the site is legal as long as you have agreed on their policy on the user agreement. However, if the admin questions your age and legality, they have the right to freeze your account and request documents to verify your age. Also, the csgolounge holds a gaming license in which they have the right to operate online gambling.

CSGOFAST.COM – A Short Summary

CSGOFAST.COM is one of the CSGO gambling sites you can access when you want to do the betting. It is a gambling site that has more than ten game modes to play. It offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options for its users. Furthermore, cryptocurrency is also an option as a mode of payment.

RankWebsiteGamesBonus offerRatingPlay
1 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
Bet Here
2 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €150
Bet Here

In navigating and accessing the features of the said gambling site, I have also noticed CSGOFAST.com does not have a friendly user navigation system. As the icons are scattered everywhere, and the user will have a hard time to know what those icons pertain to.

With the thing I’ve mentioned above, it is also a big problem for CSGOFAST not to have good customer service. It only gives its users the option to access a ticket where you have to send a message and wait for the response through your email. Also, it seems the chat box for the customer support representative is down.

Moreover, CSGOFAST offers its users to get free coins by making a referral and doing quests offered in the game.


Overall Rating4 / 5
Customer Support4 / 5
Deposit and Withdrawal5 / 5
Games and Design3 / 5
Trust and Fairness4 / 5


CSGOFAST betting is an esports gambling site licensed under the law of Curacao with the main office located in Cyprus. It has offered its services since 2015. Its website has a wide range of language options and is not only limited to English.

It offers at least 14 games and continually adds newer games for its users. It also has a chat box for all its users to communicate. It also has an icon for the users to buy and sell their items to help transactions easier.

Upon signing in as a new user, your account will be a demo account, and it gives its users the freedom to become a player by paying for a gold premium account.

CSGOFAST.COM main page

Bonuses, Referral Codes, and Promotions

CSGOFAST.com offers a wide range of bonuses. From entering a CSGOFAST promo code to doing a website quest, you can make sure you earn some extra coins.

One of the bonuses a user can get is upon registering to the CSGOFAST site, where you can enter the promo code “esegj8-csgo” or “g9yr73,” and you will receive a bonus coin you can use in placing your bet without risking your real money.

CSGOFAST code also offers a free coin system, which enables its users to get free coins in daily log-ins. It is also another easy way to get more of the coins.

Special Features

Despite not having an actual CSGOFAST app, the website does not lose in offering some features which are unique on its site.

One of the prominent attributes I have encountered is it has its lobby, which is a chatbox for its users. However, such chat boxes can only be accessed by users who are using the CSGOFAST site while playing. Having such an area for players to exchange opinions or talk offers an atmosphere of the website, a friendly one and which makes it a better community.

Another feature the website has is its marketplace, where players can buy and sell. It is the platform in which players can buy the skin of another player and use it as a bet in one of the sites offered games. It is a feature usually not given attention in some CSGOFAST reviews.

Games Offered

What makes CSGOFAST good is it is one of the most visited gambling sites which offer the best selections of games out there. The games offered on the CSGOFAST site are grouped into three categories. Here is the division and what falls games fall under it.

Player v. Player

It is the instance where two individuals place their bets, and there is only one winner. CSGOFAST games under this are:

  • Classic
  • Fast
  • Esports Bet

Player v. Environment

It is a game where the players have to beat the system to win. CSGOFAST games under this are:

  • Double
  • X50
  • Hi-Lo
  • Baccarat
  • Crash

Solo Player v. Environment

It is the gameplay where only one player can play with the system. There is no need for multi-players involved. And the player playing is either the loser or winner. CSGOFAST games under this are:

  • Slot
  • Poggi
  • Craft
  • Wheel
  • Tower
  • Cases

Furthermore, CSGOFAST does not only limit its services on the games mentioned in the list since it also offers betting services on CSGO and Dota2 matches.

CSGOFAST.COM slot game

Betting Options

CSGOFAST site offers different types of betting options for its users, such as:

  • Skin betting, in which the users can use skins as a mode of placing a bet for his or her favorite CSGO.
  • The match bets, which is one of the most favorite betting options of users since it allows users to support their favorite CSGO team.
  • Coin betting is another new way of betting in esports gambling sites like CSGOFAST.com. Such a website allows its users to use cryptocurrency in placing bets, and the coins earned on the website through bonuses, codes, and the game quest can also be used in making a bet.

Sign Up

CSGOFAST registration for signing up is easy as one, two, three. Here are some steps to create one:

  • First, you have to go to CSGOFAST.com to create your account.
  • Second, the first thing that will pop is the modes of creating your account. The CSGOFAST site offers to create a profile by logging into the following website: Steam, Google, VK, Twitter, Facebook, Yandex, Twitch, and Telegram.
  • Third, upon opening an account using the following modes mentioned in the second step. You can then choose what kind of account type you prefer. CSGOFAST registration offers different account types such as Demo, Bronze, Silver, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • Lastly, after choosing which type of account you want to avail. You can then start playing the offered betting games on the said site.

However, if you are undecided as to what kind of account type you want, then sticking to the demo account is not so bad, but there are offers in the mentioned other types cannot be availed from another account.


Deposit Methods

CSGOFAST.com offers a wide range of deposit options for its users. Just like its payment and withdrawing options, it accepts the usual way of depositing. However, despite being traditional, it now welcomes cryptocurrency as another way of depositing. Here are some of the ways of depositing in the CSGOFAST site:

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Bitcoin
  • Steam
  • QIWI
  • GameMoney
  • Enot
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Connectum
  • WebMoney (WMZ)
  • ADVcash
  • EcoPayz
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dash
  • Zcash
  • Payer
  • Perfect Money
  • Ethereum

Payment Method and Withdrawal

Using CSGOFAST is easy because it offers a wide range of payment and withdrawal methods. Such as Marketplace, Visa & MasterCard, QWI, WebMoney (WMZ), Yandex.Money, Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin. However, the most popular methods are skin via Steam or VGO skins using WAX Express Trade.

Privacy and Security

In terms of its privacy and security, CSGOFAST has been vocal in putting a disclosure that they do not store any user data other than Steam User and inventory (Trade Offer) links. And that its user’s avatars and nicknames are available to all users of the service. Lastly, it also warns its users that every time it sends a skin, the user automatically agrees with CSGOFAST.COM Term of Services.


Several things differ CSGOFAST from its other competitors. Here are some of those positive points:

  • Wide range of methods in payment, which includes skins.
  • It has a good inventory of skins.
  • It has a selection of games to bet on.
  • It gives free coins daily.
  • It offers multiplayer and single-player games.


Every website has its flaws; there is no such thing as the perfect website. Here are some areas that CSGOFAST should be working on:

  • It could offer more esports matches.
  • It has a slow customer support and does not have 24/7 live chat support.


Final Verdict:

To sum up my CSGOFAST review, the website does have a great variety of games to choose from its listing. However, looking at the esports betting section, it somehow fails to offer its users the selection to such. But it still provides betting for major tournaments. It does have a wide range of opportunities to have obtained bonuses that could entice users to make use of its services.

Therefore, my final verdict for the CSGOFAST betting site is that it is amongst one of the recommended websites for betting, especially using skin as it has established its reputation since 2015. Since, as we all know, if this site is a scam, it should have been removed and cannot be accessed anymore.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


As I check on the CSGOFAST site personally, I can say the website is legit since there are still active users on the website. Also, being established in 2015 and hasn’t been removed or deleted, then it goes to show it is not a fake platform. I have seen the website also has an icon for a bug bounty program that allows its users to safely use any of their services without thinking that private information will be revealed or users are being scammed.


CSGOGAST is licensed in Curacao, where the law of the land does not prohibit gambling. Then it is safe to assume CSGOFAST is legal in all its forms and to what it represents.

Csgo500 Review – A Short Summary

CSGO500.com has been far the best out of all the eSports betting websites I have visited and played. Its interface design is one of the coolest I have seen among other gambling sites. The black and the red color combination just fit the whole mood when you are making a bet or playing other features as the website is appealing for the new users.

RankWebsiteGamesBonus offerRatingPlay
1 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
Bet Here
2 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €150
Bet Here

One of the honest takes for CSGO500.com I would say is this website is easy to use. And apart from it, there is a chat tab on the left side of the page, which enables you to communicate with other people from different countries CSGO500 is available.

However, it is worth noting the CSGO500.com chat box can only be used when you reach level 50, as this prohibits other players from spamming or abusing this feature.


Overall Rating4 / 5
Customer Support5 / 5
Deposit and Withdraw4 / 5
Games and Design3 / 5
Trust and Fairness4 / 5


CSGO500 site is one of the best and oldest gambling sites. The website is owned and operated by Perfect Storm B.V – a company licensed and regulated by the laws of Curaçao, Fransche Bloemweg 4, Willemstad.

Payments and operational support services are handled by Nine Yards Limited (registration number HE407807) – Voukourestiou 25, Neptune House, 1st Floor, Flat 11, 3045, Limassol, Cyprus.

Csgo500 logo

Bonuses, Referral Codes, And Promotions

One thing that makes the site supreme and top of the game from other gambling sites is because they don’t hold back in offering you promotions and bonuses. And as a user, with personal experience, you can simply gain XP by playing in their different game modes. To add, every system has a specific XP modifier, which means it guarantees you good progress from time to time you play.

Other than that, every 24 hours, you will receive a free 50 Bux, which will be deposited directly to your account. Moreover, your daily rewards will keep on increasing once you gain more levels; about 10.000 base level XP will be added to your account.

And as you can see in the photo above, the CSGO500 code has a referral system on which you will type the captcha and be able to receive at least 500 Bux. You can also allow your notifications, follow their page on their social media accounts, and claim about 600 Bux in total. They are even so generous that you can have free spins on the mini-wheel and win a good amount of money when you level up from time to time. This means the higher the level you have, the bigger the amount of Free Spins you will receive.

CSGO500 promo code and other bonuses are what make the players boost to play and make them come back every day, and this is also the reason why CSGO500 betting has a solid reputation in the gambling community.

Special Features

If you would notice on most of CSGO500 reviews, what they always discuss is the Leaderboards system of the site. The monthly gamblers will be rewarded with BUX prizes like 1 Million for the first place, five hundred thousand for the 2nd place, and two hundred fifty-thousand for the third place.

What good about this is, this is subject to change, which means anyone or anybody could top the leaderboards and win some good BUX prizes. It will all depend on how much hours you play and how much money you will gamble on the games and the different game modes.

Csgo500 main page

Another thing what makes gamblers stay and what makes CSGO500 good is it is because they a special feature for their VIPs like:

Rakeback And Lossback

Some percentage of the bets that you have will be given back to you as a Rakeback bonus.

Monthly And Special Rewards

CSGO500 betting often gives you special bonuses, and these are random.

XP Modifiers And Faster Level-Up

VIPs are in great advantage as they level-up faster and are able to receive tons of rewards per level. They also have access to great daily benefits and claim even more bonuses.

Preferential Limits

Whether a VIP needs an extensive limit for their withdrawals or goes big on the Wheel, all you need is to contact the customer support, and they will make it happen.

Special Chat And Betting Events

CSGO500 got you covered when you are a VIP, as you will get special recognition in the chat and betting lists. Thus, there are no chat restrictions as you can bypass the slow mode and at least get access to using special chat actions.

Direct Contact With Admins

This feature defines you as a VIP as you have direct contact with admins of CSGO500 as you can bypass any support queue, especially if you have a special request.

Games Offered

As I create this CSGO500 review, what makes the site legit and challenging gambling site because of the games that they offer. One of the games they offer and which is popular with all other sites is the match betting and their classic roulette.

One of the features which the site has is the user has the option of picking four (4) different colors, 2x, 3x, 5x, and 50x on betting, which on other casino-type sites, there are only three available. And for non-punter readers, the more the multiplier goes up, the greater the risk of losing also increases.

I am surprised with how the site manages to have different modes of games available in their interface. As of now, there are five (5) active modes, which are the:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Classic Roulette
  • Duels
  • Crash
  • Match betting

They also have an upcoming game mode, namely Live Games, Skin Rail, and Slots. One of the engaging games that interest me is the Roulette, as it is something new you will see from most of the gambling sites as it has the vibe of casino-style you can see from the actual ones.

Location And Age Restrictions

Just like any other gambling site, users must be recognized as an adult who is applicable by law and must not be residents of the United States, Curacao, Netherlands, and France. Also, the players are required to have the knowledge and recognize the relevant laws in their respective jurisdictions before registering an account.

Betting Options

If you have visited other gambling sites, it is easy to know the basic betting options, and just like what CSGO500 has, you are allowed to bet In-Game Skins or Items, Real Money, and Cryptocurrencies.

Sign Up

The CSGO500 registration process is easy as it only needs your legitimate email, at least eight (8) characters for your password, and you must agree to the terms you are under 18 years old and not a resident of Curacao, Netherlands, France, or the United States.

Deposit Methods

CSGO500 can be considered as an avenue for most online gamblers around the world as its deposit method is massive as; you can choose through these options:

  • Alipay
  • Bank Transfers
  • Bitcoin
  • Visa Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Game Money
  • EcoPayz
  • And Many More

And if you have in-game skins you want to deposit, it can easily be converted to the amount of BUX that it corresponds to.

Csgo500 sign up

Payment Methods And Withdrawal

The website itself has the right to restrict such payment or withdrawal methods from particular users. Because it all depends on their anti-fraud measures, security-filters, or internal decisions – as there are issues that some players are abusing some game features.

However, it is worth noting that the site does not offer any Fiat or Cash Withdrawal options but only skins and items which you can sell on different online game markets.

Privacy And Security

The amount of security that CSGO500 has is superb. From the moment you register, to make deposits of your money or in-game skins and items, it would require you to follow protocols for your safety.

There is a piece of full information on what you should know about the Private Policy of the site as they always consider the wellbeing of its users.

Customer Support

The customer support is available 24/7, but to report issues or problems you are encountering, you have to submit a ticket, just like the photo above, and send it to the cs admins.

However, if you won’t get any response, you can also check and message them through their social media accounts.


  • Unique theme style of the site which is very easy to use
  • The roulette game is very appealing and has so many options
  • Bonuses, Referral Program, and Giveaways are there
  • 24/7 Professional Customer Service
  • The deposit and withdrawal system is not hassle
  • Extensive FAQ
  • Informative descriptions of the website policies
  • Thorough betting options


  • Only one game mode to play
  • Not available in the US

Csgo500 wheel of fortune


CSGO500 is undeniably one of the best gambling sites, which are still active and operating today. Though they only have one game to play with, the amount of options that you have is superb, as it is original and fascinating to strategize on how to win.

Their daily rewards are the icing on the cake as it serves as to how you will balance your BUX, while you are receiving giveaways and bonuses from the site.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is CSGO500 Legit Site?

Just what I have stated above, yes, the website is legitimate and has been operating since 2016, and receives about more than half a million views on their page each month.

Is There Any CSGO500 App?

At this moment, there’s no application available in App Store or Google Play, but we never know if they will take action with regards to this in the future as they keep improving and developing their services.

Is CSGO500 Legal?

Yes, CSGO500 is a legal gambling website as its terms are governed by laws of the supervisory authority, and if there are any disputes, controversies, and differences, they are willing to address it and resolve it in no time.

Reviewing The Best CSGO Roulette Sites In 2020 

At this point, it is almost a guarantee that any CSGO betting site that offers a casino will feature a CSGO themed roulette game to play. You will find that each individual bookmaker will have their own unique theme for the game, but the core principle and rules of the traditional roulette game remain the same.

RankWebsiteGamesBonus offerRatingPlay
1 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
Bet Here
2 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €150
Bet Here

As we mentioned, the traditional rules will typically apply, but you will come across some slightly different features. Your regular roulette game would have a table ranging from 0 to 36. However, smaller CSGO Casino sites occasionally only feature a singular type of table that has 15 numbers. The tables feature red and black numbers, of an equal amount, with the exception being zero (0).

We will cover the range of roulette variants later in the review.

Most Popular CSGO Casinos

Thankfully nowadays, there is an extraordinary range of casinos that are focused on CSGO to choose from. Some sites will be known for specific features and games, so below, you can find our top picks for CS:GO Roulette.

  • CSGO Empire
  • Unikrn
  • CSGO Roll
  • CSGO Polygon
  • DuelBits
  • CSGO Fast
  • Farm Skins

There are still many more options available, but if you’re getting started or plan to be a long term player, we feel the sites listed above are the best option. Now you have to take into consideration how to choose your betting site.

CSGOEmpire main page

Picking Your CSGO Roulette Site

There is always a plethora of factors when it comes to picking a better site, both for match betting and also for casinos. Everyone wants the best deals, with the best chances of winning. Below we feature the key elements that you should take into consideration when it comes to picking which bookmaker you want to use.

Bonuses & Promotions

As mentioned, everyone loves a good deal. The best deals are commonly found when signing up to a betting website for the first time, typically known as Deposit Bonuses. These bonuses allow you to redeem or earn different valued items after you initially deposit and meet the requirements.

Sometimes this can be getting back up to $200 of free bets; in other cases, it will be earning free credits/coins for their casino. Regardless of the offer, they are commonly great value and a way for players to boost their winnings.

Payment Methods

This is the one area that can become an issue for users, not being able to use the preferred banking method. Luckily, as the industry has grown over the past few years, there have been tremendous improvements to this area. You will commonly find debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, eWallets, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, and more all listed as options.

Be sure to check each betting site’s options for deposits and withdrawals before signing up, as you don’t want to be left in a tricky situation.

Game Variation

Although we are discussing CSGO Roulette, having a good range of casino games can be an influential factor when it comes to selecting a better site. Yes, you may be there to may roulette most of the time, but it is nice to have options to mix things up if and when needed.

Variants Of Roulette

Now it is important to learn the different variations of roulette that will be on offer.

Classic Roulette Slider

This is your original roulette game, which was adopted by early CSGO skin gambling sites. It entailed colored squares moving until the slider stops on one color. There would be two colors rewarding players with an x2 reward, with one rare color often rewarding players with an x14 reward.

The x50 Wheel

Instead of the 15 squares found on the classic slider, the x50 wheel uses fifty squares. It was initially introduced by CSGO500 but has become a common sight elsewhere. This time there are four different colors, with rewards ranging from x2, x3, x5, and x50.


This is the newest entry of the lot. It was introduced by Rollbit, and it is a combination of the classic slider roulette and the addictive crash casino game. X-Roulette works in the same format as crashes, but as it uses a roulette wheel, there are several different multipliers for each round. There’s always the chance the multiplier will reach into the thousands, but it could also stop on x1. Players will bet on which multiplier they believe the wheel will land on; if the multiplier if equal or higher than their selected, they are rewarded.

Roulette Strategies

We won’t go into too much depth for the strategies as it’s recommended to spend some time studying each before playing roulette, but below, you can find a brief explanation of the most popular strategies.


This is a strategy that can be easily applied to all roulette tables. You simply double your stake every time you have a losing bet; however, when you win, you reset it to your original stake.

Reverse Martingale

This is one of the oldest gambling strategies you will find. In this case, you will double your bet after each win. Prior to winning, you start by wagering the lowest amount possible on one of the even bets. You continue these flat, low bets until you win.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

This is deemed a safer option compared to the others. Here you increase your bets after each loss, but at a smaller increment than you would during the Martingale strategy. It’s pretty simple, you increase all bets by one after a loss, and decrease by one after a win. All of these strategies can be applied to CSGO roulette.

Rollbit X-Roulette


How To Play Roulette On CSGO?

To play CSGO Roulette, you just need to select a CSGO Casino that offers the game; we provide a list of sites that do so in the review.

How To Win Roulette Every Time CSGO?

There is no guaranteed way to win every single time when it comes to roulette. However, we have provided 3 well-regarded strategies at the end of the review that could help you increase your winnings.

How To Predict CSGO Empires Roulette?

Like we mentioned above, there is no way to truly predict an outcome. Instead, we recommend practicing the game with the provided strategies to find something that works for you.

CSGO Raffle Sites Review 

The popularity of CSGO Casinos has been on the rise, and most of the sites feature the CSGO raffle game. However, there is one issue emerging as the market continues to grow; it has become increasingly difficult to separate the best casinos from those just jumping on the trend bandwagon.

RankWebsiteGamesBonus offerRatingPlay
1 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
Bet Here
2 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €150
Bet Here

In this review, we aim to highlight the top raffle casino sites, whilst also helping you know what to look out for and teach you a little bit about the game itself.

Our Top Picks For CSGO Raffle Sites

Below are the sites that we identified as being the best during our reviews. They stood out from the crowd for a variety of different reasons that we will detail later in the review.

  • CSGO Empire
  • CSGO Fast
  • Thunderpick
  • CSGO Roll
  • mBit Casino

Now there are a few features that we think you should always look out for when signing up to a new betting site, whether it is for match betting or, in this case, casino gambling.

CSGO Fast Raffle

The Key Features

The sites that we listed above meet the requirements that we outlay below, and that’s why we deem them the best options. If you decide to go elsewhere for your CSGO raffling needs, then pay attention to the following points.

Lucrative Promotions

It is a common expectation now that you will receive a welcome bonus when signing up with a new bookmaker. This welcome bonus will offer users the chance to receive cashback for bets, free bets, and credits/coins for the respective platform. Every site has a different welcome offer, some being better than others. Pay close attention when registering to make sure you not only get a good bonus but have reasonable requirements to earn it.

We should note that the majority of betting platforms will also feature regular promotions for their users. Think of it as a way of being rewarded for your loyalty. These promotions can be random or may be themed to an event taking place.

Security & Privacy

You don’t want to risk betting on a betting site that isn’t going to take your private data and information. The sites we listed have been checked and provide players with extensive security measures, so your deposit and information will always be protected. If you sign up elsewhere, please make sure they offer a secure website and have a reputable privacy system.

Provably Fair

This is an assurance from the provider that all the bets and wagers taking place on their website are fair. Users are able to access this database and see the algorithm that determines the outcome of their bets. This can be analyzed and verified to ensure that players aren’t being cheated out.

Game Range

In this case, we are focused on the raffle game, but you will find that most CSGO casinos offer a wide variety of different games. This can be good, as you may need a mental break from playing the same game repetitively.

How CSGO Raffles Works

You should be pleased to know that the raffle games on offer are some of the easiest to understand and play. You can win the likes of CSGO in-game skins from the raffle, some of which are very valuable, all from buying a ticket as your chance to win the jackpot.

This isn’t yet available on each and every CSGO Casino and betting site, with it being a newer entry to the game range. With that being said, it is becoming more and more common. Once you have purchased your ticket, that is you ready to play.

Different Variants Of CSGO Raffle

As you will find with many other casino games, there are slightly different editions of each game. We have provided a brief overview to help you understand the differences that exist.

The Classic Raffle

This is a CSGO skin raffle and allows you to enter the raffle and win skins. Once you purchase your ticket, that’s you entered, and then the system will randomly select the winner. If you are the lucky winner, you can often come away with expensive knives and weapon skins.

Thunderpick Raffle

Case Opening Raffles

This is where things can get a little different. If you’ve played CS:GO before, you will know how exciting and fun case openings can be. Stemming from this, you can play case opening raffles on a wide of different CSGO dedicated betting sites. It is almost identical to the classic raffle game but has one major difference.

In this case, instead of winning an individual skin from the raffle game, you instead win a case. The cases have a range of different items, all holding different values. You open the case, and whatever pops out is your winnings. This version can often be popular as it has an added level of suspense and excitement.

Raffle Trades CSGO

This version of raffle skins is based on the original Trade-Up game. In the raffle trade CSGO game, players will trade a set amount of coins for any skin they choose from the respective site’s marketplace. Essentially, the chance of a player winning the bet is based on the amount of the bet and the value of the particular skin. As you may expect, it is increasingly more difficult to win high valued skins.

Review Of Legit CSGO Poker Sites 

It can be an unnecessarily difficult challenge to find a legit CSGO Poker site that is safe and offers favorable odds. We have created this review as a way to pick out the most popular and highest rated CSGO casinos that offer the Poker game.

RankWebsiteGamesBonus offerRatingPlay
1 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
Bet Here
2 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €150
Bet Here

Despite being around for hundreds of years and being one of the most popular casino games in the world, it can be tough to find a casino that offers a CSGO themed poker game. There is a vast range of CSGO poker promo codes available, be sure to take advantage of these when signing up to a website.

Our Recommended CSGO Poker Sites

As we mentioned, Poker is not one of the more readily available CSGO casino games. There is actually only one website that offers a true CSGO Poker experience right now; CSGO Tune. We can only hope that other bookmakers will notice there is a demand for the game, and we will start to see it become more common.

Brief Overview Of CSGO Tune

As it is the only website that offers the game, we thought it would be worth filling you in on some of the key information regarding the site. If you head onto the site, there is one major issue that you will pick up on straight away; the whole website is in Russian with no option to change the language. A big advantage we did notice during our review was the ability to deposit using csgo skins.

Thankfully, you can use Google Translate to automatically translate the entire page, but it would be nice to see the platform available natively for more languages. If you decide to play Poker with CSGO Tune, you will also have the option to play a wide array of other casino games on their platform, including:

  • King of the hill
  • Roulette
  • Crash
  • Duel
  • Bones
  • Hi Lo
  • Blackjack

Bonuses & Promo Codes

With only one site offering the game, there isn’t your typical vast range of promotions and welcome bonuses across several websites. With that being said, on CSGO Tune, you can get up to $10 added to your balance when joining the platform. Whilst there may be a lack of CSGO Poker promo codes, you can earn free coins every 15 minutes on their site, giving you the incentive to stay around and play for longer periods of time.


Insight To Poker

Now that you know where you’ll have to go to play, it’s time to gain a further understanding of the game. This will improve your overall gambling experience; following the tips and tricks provided might also help you win more often.

Different Versions Of Poker

The Poker that most people will think of will be the Texas Hold ’em version, which is one of the main reasons that there was a poker boom in the 2000’s. There are other versions, but Texas Hold ’em is typically the most popular.

Poker is now enjoyed by millions across the world. Whilst the game is available at casinos, and that is typically how it is shown in shows and movies, it is actually largely popular online. This is because it’s convenient to log onto your favorite site from a range of available devices and play immediately.

How To Play CSGO Poker

In order to play, you will need to create an account on CSGO Tune, be aware; there will be some restrictions, meaning you may be unable to register depending on the country you live in. If you can sign up, complete your registration process and verify your details to get started.

Once this is done, you can deposit to the platform and jump right into the game. The good news, you can deposit and withdraw using CSGO skins. This means if you have gathered up a strong collection of CSGO skins, you can use them instead of physical money.

You can search for games, choosing from the following settings before searching:

  • 5 seats or 9 seats
  • Fast game or usual game
  • Public or private

There is also a “Tables” tab, which allows you to see all of the currently active tables.

The game will start with the dealer and each player at the table placing a bet and receiving their hand of cards. Once you have looked at your cards, there is a decision you need to make. You can either fold, call, or raise. We have explained the differences of each below.


If you are unhappy with your hand, you can decide to fold. Doing so means you relinquish your cards and will no longer take part in the current hand. Any money that you have already put into the pot will be lost.


The act of calling in poker is to match the amount that has already been bet. This allows you to see the next card, or if the last card dealt was the river card, you will see the showdown.


Raising is the action that a player can opt to make, typically when they are confronted by another player’s bet. When you raise, you will be betting over the amount wagered by your opponent. Be aware that the number and size of raises in each round may be regulated based on the house rules.

CSGO Poker Strategies

As is the case with the majority of gambling, there is a combination of both luck and skill with poker. If you delve into the poker scene, you will find there is a mix of strategies, ranging from simple to incredibly complicated. Learning to become a talented poker player is something that will take a considerable amount of time and dedication.

It is possible to become good enough that you win regularly, but as we mentioned, it can take a lot of time. There is no one strategy that we can guarantee will work for you. What we recommend is having a look at some poker guides that have received good reviews; there are plenty of websites, books, and podcasts available to help with this.

CSGO Tune Poker

Other CSGO Casino Sites

If you decide CSGO Poker isn’t for you, then fear not, there are plenty of other casino games based on CSGO that you can play. We mentioned a few of the other games offered on CSGO Tune earlier in the review, but there are other sites that you can check out for CSGO gambling.

  • CSGOEmpire
  • CSGO Fast
  • Rollbit
  • Unikrn
  • Farm Skins


How To Play CSGO Poker?

Sign up to CSGO Tune (if your country isn’t restricted), deposit with your preferred currency, or with csgo skins and start playing.

How Does CSGO Poker Work?

The game typically follows the rules of Texas Hold ’em poker, which is the most popular. We recommend reading up about this version of poker and getting to grips before you play.

How To Get Coins CSGO Poker?

With CSGO Tune, you will receive a welcome bonus, and then you receive free coins for every 15 minutes that you are on the site.

Finding Your CSGO MineSweeper Sites

When starting the review, we thought there were going to be plenty of sites offering the MineSweeper game on their CSGO casino; however, that really was not the case. There is just one site that offers CSGO Minesweeper to players; CSGOatse.

RankWebsiteGamesBonus offerRatingPlay
1 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
Bet Here
2 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €150
Bet Here

Introduction To CSGOatse

With being the only website offering the mine-clearing game, here’s some information to get your familiar with the bookmaker. They offer a pleasant design and interface that you will quickly become comfortable with using. Also featured is a social chat and an efficient web ticket support system. You can play much more than just CSGO Minesweeper on their site; the following casino games are also available.

  • Mega Wheel
  • Crash
  • Twenty One
  • Tibian Dice
  • Jackpot
  • Wheel of Destiny

Promotions & Bonus Codes

With there being a lack of CSGO Minesweeper websites, there isn’t a vast range of promotions available. With that being said, you can use the CSGOAtse referral code to claim 1,000 coins when signing up to the website. This can only be used once, but it will be a good way to get things started.


What Is Minesweeper?

We would expect most people to be familiar with or least aware of the original, traditional minesweeper game. It was introduced as a single-player puzzle game and became a popular feature on Windows computers. The objective is to clear a rectangular board that contains hidden mines and bombs. You must navigate correctly, making sure you don’t detonate any of them. You will receive clues from mines beside those that you have selected and cleared.

How CSGO Minesweeper Works

Now you have an idea of the traditional game, let’s take a look at how it works in the CSGO themed format. The traditional game stems back from 1989, and it is still an exciting strategy game. The CSGO minesweeper edition has been growing in popularity recently.

To get started, you will need to register to the only CSGO Minesweeper sites, CSGOatse. You will be required to deposit, and you’ll be pleased to know you can use your CSGO skins to do so. This means any skins you have acquired over the course of playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or from trading on their market, you can now use instead of physical money to gamble.

Unlike other CSGO casino games, there hasn’t been a heavy theme applied based on the game. Instead, CSGOatse has opted for a relatively simple layout that will be familiar to the traditional game.

Your goal is simple, try to clear as many of the squares as possible without hitting any bombs. As you may expect, the more you manage to clear, the more you will win. That’s more or less it, best of luck!

Unique Format

The original Windows PC version of the game was limited to a maximum of 24×30 squares, which would give up to 667 mines at one time. It may come as a surprise, but the minesweeper csgo sites version is actually easier to play.

In this case, the minesweeper csgo betting game is played on a 5×5 grid format. Players also get to choose how many active mines they will face. The options available for this are:

  • 1 mine
  • 3 mins
  • 5 mines
  • 25 mines

Everytime you select a safe square when playing; you will be awarded a return on your wager. It is recommended that you start with lower stakes, whilst you get used to the game and get a feel for how it plays out.

Some players prefer minesweeper over other casino games, as they feel like they have more control over the potential outcomes. This is whilst luck is still a factor; you are also applying your brain and making decisions that will directly affect the outcome of your bet.

Different CSGO Casino Sites & Games

If you are ever getting tired of the minesweeper game and want to make a switch, there are plenty of options available to you. We covered the other casino games featured on CSGOatse earlier in the review. You can find other CSGO themed casino games such as Roulette, Poker, Raffles, and more on the following sites.

  • CSGOEmpire
  • Rollbit
  • CSGO Tune
  • Fast Skins
  • Farmskins


How Does CSGO Minesweeper Work?

It is as simple as the traditional game it is based off. You try to clear all of the squares on the board, avoiding the mines and bombs as you go.

How To Beat MineSweeper CSGO?

There is no foolproof guaranteed method to beat the Minesweeper CSGO game. Instead, you have to apply a mix of strategy and luck to be successful.

CSGO Jackpot Sites Review 2020

It’s sometimes been tough finding the best betting site for your needs, and this is no different when it comes to CSGO Jackpot. There are many areas to take into consideration when choosing your casino site. We have created this review to highlight the best and most popular CSGO Jackpot sites and breakdown everything you need to know about the games.

RankWebsiteGamesBonus offerRatingPlay
1 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
Bet Here
2 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €150
Bet Here

Small CSGO Jackpot Sites

Before we dive into the review, let’s take a quick look at how the game actually works. So a minimum of two players deposits their skins into the ‘pot’. Players then receive a ticket for each $0.01 value they deposited. In case it’s unclear here, the skins in question are in-game skins from CSGO, which hold different values on the fluctuating live market.

An example could be Player A depositing 8 skins valued at $9.81 and Player B depositing 10 skins valued at $12.34. Now, Player A would receive 981 tickets, and Player B would receive 1,234 tickets. The jackpot website then selects a singular ticket, and the owner of that ticket wins the jackpot.

So to keep it simple, the more value you deposit, the more chance you have of winning. The winner receives all of the skins that were thrown into the pot. Just keep in mind that there will be a 0% – 10% fee on the winnings based on the site you are using.

CSGO Fast Home page

The Popular Casinos

The jackpot gambling game has continued to grow in popularity, as there are methods to get essentially free bets if you use the live CSGO skin trading system effectively. You can earn skins from simply playing games, which you then deposit, meaning you have spent no physical money.

Below are our picks for the top CSGO Jackpot casino sites:

  • CSGO Empire
  • Unikrn
  • CSGO Fast
  • Farm Skins
  • Gamdom

There is a wide range of different promotional codes to use when signing up to each site to receive an extra bonus, which rewards you with free bets, credits, or coins.

The sites listed above are also relevant to those seeking cheap CSGO jackpot sites. They all allow you to deposit with low valued skins, meaning there are very little limitations to your gambling experience. It ensures that a CSGO small jackpot is available when playing on your favored casino.

Features To Look Out For

As you may know, there are several different elements that create advantages for using each bookmaker. We have identified the key features that you should pay attention to and weigh up when choosing which betting site you want to use.

Banking & Payment Methods

Being able to use your payment method of choice may be a make or break situation for many betting sites. Thankfully, in 2020, the majority of the most popular banking methods are readily available. We just recommend double checking that you will be able to deposit and withdrawal hassle-free before signing up to a casino site.

The Game Selection

Although this review is focused solely on the CSGO Jackpot game, we think it’s good to have the choices and availability to try other games when you want to. You will tend to find a respectable range of games available at most CSGO casinos. Take a look at seeing what else is on offer when registering.

Their Promotions

Being rewarded for your loyalty to a platform is always nice. All betting sites have welcome bonuses on offer, as well as regular promotions. However, some bookmakers have much more favorable bonuses and offer appealing promotions on a much more regular basis. This should play a crucial role in your decision, as it could help to boost your overall winnings.

Security & Provably Fair

Your security is always at high importance. The sites we have listed are all fully secured and licensed, so you will have nothing to worry about. If you decide to look elsewhere, be sure to do a thorough review on how safe the site is. Being a provably fair describes an algorithm that can be analyzed and verified for its fairness by the users at any time.

CSGO Fast Jackpot

Jackpot Strategies

You didn’t think we were going to let you leave without giving you some tips and tricks to increase your winnings, did you? Below you can find a detailed explanation of two of the most popular strategies in CSGO Jackpot, which you can practice and use to your advantage.


We will cover snipers next, but the act of baiting is a brilliant way to lure the snipers out from their hiding places. It is a high risk, so be aware, and should be done with two players. Initially, you deposit some low valued skins into a pot, which encourages others to join the pot, but in the end, the second player will join and snipe the pot. This works as many players don’t like to deposit first, so the first player is taking that worry away and lures them in with a sense of security, with the pot being low valued.


Now, the act of sniping, which we mentioned just above. It all comes down to timing, and you should be familiar with the betting site before attempting this. This is because you sometimes need to manually confirm your offering to the pot, or Steam can be delayed and can a short period of time before the skins are actually deposited.

You should aim to join when there are just 15 – 30 seconds remaining on the pot. It ends up being effective as you join at the end and deposit a large value of skins, putting the odds heavily in your favor. With joining so late, other players then struggle with having time to respond.

As mentioned, though, the timing is vital. If you join too early, it could become a failed snipe, and someone with even more expensive skins could end up sniping you.